MadeMill is the Makerspace and Advanced Digital Media Lab
at Bayview Yards operated by prototypeD

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Our team of design professionals deliver products and services from our headquarters at the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards in Ottawa. MadeMill and the Innovation Centre is funded in part by generous contribution by the FedDev Ontario program, the City of Ottawa and the Government of Ontario. Our mission is to make product creation and social innovation accessible, affordable, and above all connect the many services and resources necessary to move an idea into reality.

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Driven by Partnership

Built to make commercialization and social innovation a breeze.

MadeMill is operated by prototypeD and our numerous design and innovation partners throughout Ottawa. If you are interested in becoming a design or advanced manufacturing partner, we are pleased to be able to offer these partnerships to better serve local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Innovation Pod 2

View the Original Concept Renderings

Innovation Pod 2

Janak Alford provides a construction update.

Innovation Pod 2

Komi Design Walkthrough

Innovation Pod 2

Komi Providing a Construction Update

Are you ready to make something amazing?

Our team is linking together the latest technologies and making major strides forward in advanced manufacturing and digital media.

Virtual Visualization

We are using digital realities to change how we work together and collaborate. Design mixed with experience mixed with environment is a recipe for building solutions which are capable of having significant and positive changes to make Canadians more resilient and independent

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing is the gateway to a new industrial revolution for Canada. The ability to rapidly produce designs and solutions to the most challenging social and environmental challenges will be the calling card of Canadian Innovation.

Digital Media and Web

Behind every great product or social innovation is a story that needs to be told. Telling the story of the product, where it came from but more importantly where it is going, makes the difference between a success and a failure. Products come from the people, challenges, and opportunitues to make the world a better place. That is a story worth telling.

Mobile Buildings

The future is coming quickly and we need to be able to respond to the challenges of the world rapidly. That is why prototypeD has manufactured MadeMill Innovation Pods. Solar-powered mobile buildings, our Innovation Pods launch our team directly into the communities and areas where Canadians need the most support.

Data Visualization

Our data about the world is growing exponentially. Now more than ever we need to be able to be able to manage this data and make important evidence-based decisions about our investments of time and money. Our team can help to make visualization rapid and robust with custom cloud solutions.

Mobile Applications

Mobility is key. The digital revolution has changed where we need to be to do our work. We can now work collaboratively around the world by leveraging mobile apps and leap over the geographic and social divides. Your next project will be possible by the teams of global players that come together through mobile technology. We are here to advance this vision with rapid mobile app development and deployment.

Make it at MadeMill

Are you ready to make your project a reality?

Our MadeMill team is ready to begin to work with you to transform your idea into a reality. All our projects start right here.

Here is our process:

  • You initiate your project today through the MadeMill website.
  • We build you an interactive project timeline and estimate.
  • We build and manage you a great team, drawing seamlessly on the best local talent and resources from our ecosystem.
  • You approve your project and make your deposit to activate your project
  • We launch your project with a focused in-person or virtual MadeMill Session.
  • You track your project online against estimated costs and milestones as we build your prototype or product.
  • You work with our partners to prep your prototype for pitching / commercialization.
  • You conclude your MadeMill project with a clear plan for your next steps of commercialization clearly identified.
Are you ready? We can't wait to get started!

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About your Project

Innovation is difficult to categorize, but pick a few areas from our service lines if possible. We are happy to discuss all our services areas.

Services you Require:
3D Design
Advanced Manufacturing
Wearable Technology / IoT
Digital Media (VR/AR/Web)
Videographic / Animated
Mobile Applications

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We will strive to answer all requests within 2 business days.
All your information is held strictly confidential.